Inoculation grade compost – UK first!


The first Inoculation Grade compost in the UK! The only compost in the UK with verified amounts of functional groups of the soil food web.



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IMPORTANT: When you receive the compost, make sure to keep it with the lid loosely open and preferably in non heated environment to prevent the build up of anaerobic organisms. Please use it as soon as possible to make your extract and put the remaining bulk into a compost pile or use as mulch.

This is a UK first, purpose made compost rich in the soil food web elements - bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. We were not planning on selling it, and we may still pull it from the website in a couple months time depending on some other circumstances. We made it in order to complete our research on the effect of adding these elements to soil on crop growth (in agricultural context). We also have limited stocks of all piles - somewhere between 250 and 500 litres each.

What you receive is an inoculation grade compost which matches and often surpasses the minimum values of numbers of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes as laid out by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

WHAT IT IS NOT: It's not a potting mix. It's an all fraction size mix which will allow you to extract biology from, and make compost teas. Alternatively use it as mulch or mix with bulk mulch or compost. This is the compost we use to make The Goop out of. You can have all the benefits of the microbes and the resources to support them during the establishment of plant roots which will feed them in the long run.

Ecosystems evolve according to how the soil microbiota evolves. When there is only bare soil, it’s the bacteria that colonise it first. With more and more plants, plant roots, and decaying organic matter accumulation, the fungi move in and slowly begin to take over. If the soil is undisturbed the fungi in time become the most abundant element of the soil food web. In turn it is able to support large trees over millennia.


Instructions for use:

The compost comes in its raw state. It’s not sifted. Its intended use is for extracting microbes to add to any soil. To extract, put some in a bucket of water (2 parts water, one part compost) and spin with a paint mixer for 30 seconds. Then strain the whole thing through a 400 micron pond filter. The filtered extract now contains most of the biology that lived in the compost. The remaining compost you can add to your compost and a lot of the biology will regrow over time. Here's a short video showing how we do it:

Alternatively nothing stops you from sifting it, using a potting mix, or just top dressing your veggie beds or putting around trees as mulch.

Some extra bits of info:

Growing plants using fertilisers has for the longest time been the easy option - just pour it on, and they grow. Making compost, and preparing organic amendments is time consuming and a bit of an art. Here is a ready made product which you can use straight away.

Bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes are needed to allow your plants to grow to their fullest potential. If you are here you probably know that you can grow them out in compost and leaf mould, but if you don’t have the time to wait, the microscopy skills, or just would rather skip the steep learning curve and just get on with it, this product is for you.

The soil food web when complete is capable of providing your plants all the nutrients they need and when they need them without our interference.

Because the microbes don’t have hands, to prevent getting washed away they produce glues, and form soil micro and macro aggregates. This helps with water infiltration and storage, allowing for a more efficient use of this resource. The structure thus built also helps keep the soil aerobic, where the microbes and plant roots have access to oxygen. This prevents the creation of conditions in which diseases have a chance to take over.

Soil rich in fungi has a suppressive effect on weeds. You may also want to know that brassicas would also have a problem in these conditions. To that effect, this product is not suited for that group of plants. All other plants - most vegetables, grasses (including hemp) and fruit will benefit from the addition of fungi into their growing mix.

Lastly, the cherry on top. When the growing medium reaches about 1.6 fungal to bacterial biomass ratio the system has the maximum potential for long term storage of carbon in the soil.

When you buy this product you are supporting research into replacing all agrochemicals from food production with beneficial biology, which in turn will make all of your food organic by default, remove water pollution and allow soils to store carbon from the atmosphere.

All care is taken to create conditions where pathogens don’t survive our composting process, but as with any living product, please wash your hands, avoid ingestion and contact with eyes. In case it occurs, wash with plenty of water. We also take care to avoid all plant pests and pathogens from taking hold, but due to the nature of the maturation process we cannot guarantee none have ended up in the product. We advise you have your own integrated pest management in place at all times. Use at your own risk, but let us know of any issues. We have a no questions asked 30 day guarantee covering the cost of the product.


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