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I started using the Soilsmith’s Goop product back in September 2022 after seeing it on a YouTube channel. I started using the product and started to notice after a while my plant appeared to be liking the goop. I wanted to know more and how to get the most out of the product so I reached out to Daniel for more info. 

Daniel was very helpful and introduced me to his colleague, Adam, so he could help me establish a protocol for applying the Goop and we also got talking about the inoculation grade compost too. I was very new to living soil at the time and Adam was amazing at giving me information about living soil, mineral balancing as well as the compost/Goop. We soon established a protocol of using Goop once per cycle and applying compost every week to my pot.

The end product of my plant was absolutely incredible. I’d never experienced flavours and aromas like this before and I knew straight away I wanted to continue with this approach. The life that has been built up in my living soil since using the compost has been very impressive. The compost definitely helps shortcut the process of having a biologically active soil. I am very grateful to Adam for sharing his expertise with me and I will continue to keep applying both the Goop and the compost long term. I’m so pleased Soilsmiths are leading the way in this soil revolution and I wish them all the best.


We used the goop to coat our veg seeds. Mainly tunnel crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine etc. The results have been amazing. We have never had tomatoes start so strong. They have continued to grow at an accelerated rate compared to previous years and have not suffered from any issue or yellowing of the leaves. They also appear to have more drought tolerance. We are excited to see what the harvest from them is like also.


I used the goop last Year on my heavy-clay allotment site.The soil has been amended partially with compost, organic minerals and some mulch. After using the Goop, my tomatoes looked very healthy, and produced fruit until late autumn, when the temperatures dropped. The tomatoes were planted outdoors. I also used the goop on my cherry tree that is growing in my back garden. The tree was struggling in the previous years, as again there is clay soil with poor drainage. The tree is thriving now, I also mulched it with some wood chips, to create a more fungal dominated environment. I am planning to use The Goop again this Year on my allotment, with more mulch on the top. Great product when adding also some organic matter to the soil.